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All about the Dance Collective...

The Dance Collective was founded in 2007 by a group of professional dance practitioners in North Wales to fill the distinct lack of opportunities offered to Dance Professionals in the area.

The Dance Collective has produced several pieces of work and performed at numerous locations right across the UK.

The Dance Collective aims to support both the development of professional dance in North Wales and any local youth considering a career or studies in dance.

If you feel the Dance Collective can support you or you’re keen to get in touch to discuss anything from classes to choreography, email us on info@dancecollective.co.uk or see our contact page for more info.

For a more in-depth look at the history of the Dance Collective read “Dance Collective – Past, Present and Future” – by Uma O’Neill

Casgliad 2014

Galeri, Caernarfon, LL55 1SQ

 7:30pm Sat 15/ 2 /2014

 Tickets £8/6 Concs 01286 685 222


See below for more information about pieces in the programme.

Breathe Myself a Meaning
Choreographed by Sarah Mumford.
‘Breathe Myself a Meaning’ is a poem written by Martin Daws – Young people’s laureate for Wales 2013. Following collaboration as a solo Dance piece for Edinburgh Fringe 2013, Sarah has developed this work into a trio especially for CASGLIAD 2014.

The choreography is based around escaping the past and accompanied by a soundscape of Kalimba and layers of voice (thoughts). It explores the physical and emotional journey of individuals, and those they meet on the way. Snippets of thoughts that we try and bury and escape, guilt, jealousy, love, insecurity, loss, joy, anger, fear, intertwined with everyday thoughts that cloud our minds. The poem, which appears much like meditation, a search for peace, a safe place where you are protected and cushioned from those inner struggles.

“…. a wonderful opportunity to explore the relationship between words and movement.
That a poem of mine can be developed into a dance performance is truly exciting – sorry for the cliche, but this really is poetry in motion!”

Martin Daws speaking about his poem ‘Breathe Myself a Meaning’ being interpreted through Dance by Sarah Mumford.

Time for Tea
Choreographed by Lisa Spaull.
Time for Tea – a fun and lively action-packed Tea Party where Alice and Hatter play out various rituals in preparation for their tea, but something is missing!

Performance: Lisa Spaull & Daniel Baird
Direction: Kate Lawrence
Music: Rob Spaull
Set and Costume Design: Collette Ellis and Lisa Spaull
With thanks to George Ryan and Andy Dime One.

For more information about the work visit www.lisaspaull.co.uk

With Funding support from Arts Council of Wales, Conwy County Council, Venue Cymru and Creu Cymru.

‘Time for Tea’ is a dance duet taken from a full-length work in development called ‘Alice’s Wonderland Tours’.

Choreographed by Wren Ball
“Cypher” explores the relationship between improvisation, dance and music. Using the foundations found in Breaking, the Bboys give their interpretation of the amazing sounds created by Ed Holden (MR PHORMULA) and Huw Warren. The dancers Wren Ball, Ashley Leggott, Steffan Lowman and Craig Turner are all from the crew Steel City Rockers so expect a high energy performance.


Choreographed by Kate Lawrence.

Gwymon is a duet for two women which draws inspiration from the work and life of writer Eluned Morgan (1870 – 1938), who was born aboard the ship Myfanwy travelling to Patagonia. In 1909 she published Gwymon y Môr, describing a voyage from Britain to Patagonia. Gwymon/Seaweed is usually anchored and sways with the movement of the sea. This vertical dance explores a primal female connection to the sea, based on myths and stories of women and the sea, for example, dangerous sirens luring ships onto the rocks. Like seaweed, which can be nutritious but poisonous if left to rot, the dance explores contradictory extremes of female power. Anchored by ropes, the eyes of the women scan the horizon, searching, their bodies swaying and undulating with the motion of the darting, rocking, swelling sea. The work was made in collaboration with Sabine Cockrill (visual design) and Rob Spaull (music & Lighting), with musicians Henry Horrell and Eve Goodman. Gwymon was made with a ACW research and development grant in August 2013, in collaboration with Galeri Caernarfon. It has had one performance as part of ‘Mor a Mynydd’ event at Galeri in August 2013. It was made for the exterior of the Galeri building, using the balconies facing the Dock. Gwymon has been especially reworked for the theatre space with the addition of lighting design for CASGLIAD 2014.


Datganiad i'r Wasg / Press Release
Choreographed by Colin Daimond

A short Report about the Reporter and the Reported.

Press Release – investigates the pre-digital print industry using Hip Hop and Capoeira Dance moves and Typewriter percussion.

The Galeri Caernarfon commissioned a piece for premier on the Doc outside the venue in June 2013 at an event “INC” concerned with: the current absence of a National Welsh Language Newspaper, the decline of the media industry in the town and the process of development from Newspaper print to blogging.

The piece opens with “The Reporters” – a Typewriter percussion Trio, it plays on the hierachy of the characters within the Newspaper office using gesture and rhythmic motifs. We then see “The Reported” – 4 newspaper “articles” played out by different combinations of the four Dancers:
“The Long lost relative” – duet
“The Stuggle against ill health” – trio
“The decay of the Unions” – trio
“A night out turns to…”- Quartet
The pacing of the Dancers choreography and the background choreography of “The Reporters” also reflects the eras of growth, flourishing and Decay of the print industry.

The full piece has met a very strong and positive audience response. Professional critical feedback was also very complimentary. The typewriter percussion -piece has been popular at every outing around local events.

We have a special re-working and re-facing of the full piece for CASGLIAD 2014.



Training Opportunities

Dance Collective Training Programme – 2014-2015

Workshops listed below at full rate.  See How to Join us page for details on discounts for workshops.

Please book to reserve your place.

Sunday October 5
Class and Workshop For Dance Professionals and Students With Jo Fong and Deborah Light
The class will incorporate aspects of Release, Cunningham and Yoga techniques. Creating receptive and active qualities within movement sequences and developing an efficient and dynamic approach. Jo Fong has been sharing her practice with professionals, students and with those people who just love to dance for many years.
The workshop with Deborah Light will focus on the notion of body as identity the workshop will offer a taste of the creative practices that underpin HIDE. It will take the form of structured and guided improvisations. Rooted in the participants, own physicality it will support the exploration and development of the individual’s personal movement language.

When: Sunday October 5th 2014  12.30-3pm
Where: Quarry Theatr, Community Centre, Penmaenmawr, Conwy
Cost: £30 

For more information on workshops and rates for this training programme please contact info@dancecollective.co.uk 

As well as discounts offered to Associates, we are also offering two free spaces at each workshop to young and talented people interested in dance who are 18-22 years of age who are either unemployed, or have a low income.

Dance Collective CIC Board & Assistants

Who runs the Collective?

Colin Daimond


Emma-Jane Sutcliffe


Lisa Spaull

Training Coordinator

Uma O’Neill


Dance Collective Works

Dance Collective Works

Dance Collective Events

Some of the Dance Collective Events

Upcoming Events…

Dance Collective Dance on Film Presentation at the Internation Video Dance Film Festival in Burgandy, France. http://videodansebourgogne.com

Part of the International Platform Night of the Festival shared with organisations from Italy and Mexico on Thursday May 15th 2014.

Dance Collective Associate Angharad Harrop will be there to represent the Dance Collective.

Dance Collective Associates showing their work in this programme are:-

Lisa Spaull, Rob Spaull, Sue Fielding, Uma O’Neill, Angharad Harrop, Wren Ball and Dymphna D’Arcy.

The Inside OtherThe Other Side


elliot copyScreen shot 2014-04-08 at 12.47.05

snowStill from Falling Into The Wind



Previous Events…

Past Training

Dance Collective Training Programme – 2013-2014

Company Chameleon - Wednesday May 29
Contemporary Dance Technique and Choreographic skills with Company Chameleon
When: Wednesday May 29th 2013  9.30-4.30pm
Where: Llanfairfechan Town Hall, Conwy
Cost: £30 
Dance on Film
Dance on Film with Marisa Heyes and Franck Boulegue – Co-directerus of Body Cinema/Festival International de Video Danse de Bourgogne
When: 22nd– 23rd October 2013 (Will include a free film screening event on  21st Oct – details of time and place tbc)
Where: Conwy area 
Cost: £60 for 2 days
Max no. of participants – 15 people
Vertical Dance Intermediate - Saturday 14th December
Vertical Dance Intermediate with Wanda Moretti
When: Thursday 12th Dec – Saturday 14th December
Where: Beacon Climbing Centre, Caernarfon
Cost: £90 for 3 days
Max no. of participants – 10 people

Rosemary Lee - February 1st/2nd or 8th/9th 2014
Refining one’s Creative Practice and Artistic Voice with Rosemary Lee

When: February 1st/2nd or 8th/9th 2014

Where: Flintshire Area

Cost: £60 for 2 days

Max no. of participants – 12 people


Vertical Dance Beginners - March 2014
Vertical Dance Beginners with Kate Lawrence

When: March 2014

Where: Wrexham area

Cost: £60 for 2 days

Max no. of participants – 10 people


Training Co-ordinator – Lisa Spaull

For more information on workshops and rates contact training@dancecollective.co.uk or 07962424410

This Dance Collective Training Programme was made possible with support and funding by Arts Council of Wales and Dawns-i-Bawb.

Join the Dance Collective

Details on how to join and the benefits it brings

Please email us – info@dancecollective.co.uk – to become an Associate or a Friend or fill in the form on the right and we’ll get back in touch soon…

We have three strands for the Associate Scheme – please read details below to see which one applies to you……

Full Associate

Full Associate – Cost £70

Early Bird Offer of £60, join before 31st December 2014 

  • 50% discount for attendance at Dance Collective CIC Training opportunities
  • Performance audition access for Dance Collective Projects
  • Access to apply for Dance Collective Choreographic Positions, Tutor Positions and Project Management Positions
  • Apply to input performance work into ‘Casgliad’ – performance platform
  • Input Creative ideas for consideration on yearly Dance Collective structure/programme of events/future projects
  • Attend and contribute to Dance Collective AGM
  • Receive E-Flash for upcoming events
  • Some reduced rates to other activities
Crescent Associate

Crescent Associate – Cost £35

Early Bird Offer of £30, join before 31st December 2014 

  • 25% discount for attendance at Dance Collective CIC Training Opportunities
  • Input Creative ideas for consideration on yearly Dance Collective structure/programme of events/future projects
  • Attend and contribute to Dance Collective AGM
  • Receive E-Flash
  • Some reduced rates to other activities
Student Associate

Student Associate – Cost: £20

  • 50% discount for attendance at Dance Collective CIC Training Opportunities
  • Receive E-flash for upcoming events
  • Some reduced rates to other activities
Friends of Dance Collective

Friends of Dance Collective – Free

  • Receive E-Flash for upcoming events